Flash Games

I have added few flash games that you can play on the page. I've chosen only cool classical games, such as Tetris, Snake and Pacman. I know they're addictive :)
Registered (and logged in, of course) users will have their high score saved. It's time to compete... Poland challenges the Rest of the World ;)
More games to be added tomorrow. Have fun.


It took few days, but we're moved to the new hosting company. It wasn't painful (first 3 methods of restoring one large database failed, fortunately 4th attempt was successful). I'm 99% sure no data was lost (100% sure no member accounts lost). And I think that those that were online at that time didn't feel it either. Suddenly you just started getting files from the new servers, without even noticing :). Next chapter of Platypus Guide is partially written and two programmers work on tools that I've designed. You'll hopefully see them soon.


Domain hottrick.org has been inaccessible for the past 17 hours. I have decided to move to another hosting company. It is a bit complicated (got to talk to people from both companies, move the domain, move all files and databases, etc.). Please forgive me a bit of inactivity over the next few days (I don't know how much is it going to take). During that time the guide probably will not be expanded.

IRC gateway added

I was suggested to add a chatroom to enable you guys to talk to each other in real-time. I installed an IRC gateway instead, as I believe that good old IRC is approximately 6,7 times better than any chatroom. Feel invited. If you know how to use IRC from a stand-alone client, please don't use this gateway... I don't know how much system resources does it use and I'm a bit affraid that server might crash again.
Channel: #hottrick, server: irc.blitzed.org.

Server Overloaded :(

These are terrible news... server went down twice when there were over 180 people at the same time on the site. I hope I could optimise some stuff, but it looks like we're gonna need to move to some more powerful server (which I might not be able to afford... such accounts cost over $500 a year :( ). Doh! And everything looked so sweet...

If you see more than 150 people online, please don't reload pages too often. Read slowly, have a coffee, maybe walk your dog ;)

What a begining!

I don't think anyone could have possibly expected it. I advertised only on global forums and conferences of a few countries (I'll inform on other conferences later on... there's just too much other work to be done).

Changes made to Platypus Guide

Apart from few minor corrections, two modifications have been made:
1. "Kajet's notes" added to every tactic in training chapter. Kajet is a superb tactician and agreed to add few words to every statement. Every tactic evaluated. Note that very little is known in the area of new tactics, so our opinion differs quite frequently (I'm a bit more enthusiastic, but was cooled down after today's game :/). Surely we will need to re-write it when we know more.

2. Training chapter was split into two parts.

Edit: 3. Stamina added to training.


Finally the site is launched! After several weeks of hard working, I can say we're ready to go :). Expect a note on your national conferences as well as on global later this evening. Also, there will be an important news item on what you guys could do to make hottrick the best place for all hattrickers to be!

Edit: I have decided to wait for two important e-mails to come before advertising on hattrick conferences. As I've said, site's fully functional, only not everyone knows about it :)

Edit #2: It's monday evening and I'm still waiting. Grrrrr...

100 Registered Users!

While getting ready for tonight's release of the site I posted a reqest on one of hattrick's conferences to give me some feedback on the site and Platypus Guide. Amazingly, I woke up this morning and saw 100 registered users, which is far beyond my expectations. Feedback was also very positive. It augurs well for the next few days!

Edit: 100th member is Borry (forgot to mention that :) ).

Newsmen needed

Do you have anything interesting (and related, of course ;) ) to share with other hattrickers? Do you like when many people read your words? Would you like to become a part of hottrick staff in the future? Or maybe you're the one (not The One, he's just a movie character ;) ) who wants to write the first, historical news on hottrick.org? Any reason is good! Grab your keybord and start typing!

Submitting a story is simple. Just register, click on a "submit story" link, fill all the nexessary fields, press "preview" and then "submit" button.

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