World Cup Statistics

First week of World Cup is behind us. Thorinho has prepared very nice stats based on all pre-qualification games. Take a look at them and try to guess why such empires as Oceania have fallen so early!


01.Oceania - 85.5 out!
02.Norge - 84.0
03.Danmark - 80.5
03.Ireland - 80.5
05.Espana - 79.5 out!
05.Polska - 79.5
07.België - 79.0 out!
07.Italia - 79.0 out!
09.México - 76.5
10.Malaysia - 76.0
11.Österreich - 75.5
11.Portugal - 75.5 out!
11.Scotland - 75.5
14.Türkiye - 75.0
15.France - 74.0
16.Brasil - 73.0
16.China - 73.0
16.Magyarország - 73.0

Next chapter of Platypus Guide published

Next chapter of our Platypus Guide has just been published. It's on strategy for fresh hattrick teams. What to do to avoid having financial problems and make your team relatively powerful in the near future? My tips are pretty strict: sacrifice your strength in the begining and gain a lot of money in a season or two. Do not follow the path of those that started strenghtening their teams right away and still struggle with money problems after four seasons or so!

Diamond in the Rough

What is it about Hattrick that sets it so far apart from other free web-browser games? How can one game stand out among so many competing games? After all, with so many choices, one would tend to think there must be an extreme similarity between the available games and that almost all of them must be structured in nearly the same way. And someone coming to this conclusion would be correct, expect in the case of Hattrick.

Kill those annoying pop-ups

I signed up with an ad-serving company just before I went skiing last week. One week later I came back and read that sometimes pop-ups appear when people visit hottrick. Serving annoying ads is the last thing I want to do, thus I've immediately e-mailed this company that I want only regular banners. Right now I'm waiting for an answer.

Our second tool - Linker

Hottrick has prepared a little gift for all hattrickers. Hattrick Link Generator (or "Linker", as kids in the neighborhood like to call it this way) is a simple tool that creates links to players, teams, leagues and matches. Whether you want to advertise your player on forums, create links on your webpage or just share interesting game with fellow hattrickers, it's a tool for you! Enter the relevant ID, click on "generate" and sleep well while others don't get mad at you because they see "session timeout" instead of your player's data. Merry Christmas everyone!

An Interview With Slashers

Please say briefly who you are IRL :-)

My name is Kevin Shook. I am 21 yrs old, and live in Kansas City Missouri. I recently graduated from the University of DeVry in Kansas City with a degree in Accounting, and am currently working in a retail store, looking for better work.

I have played Hattrick for over three years now (since October 2000), and was the first human team in the USA.

The Sale of Courtney Hebert (7086757)

As the world turns on its axis, the makers of Hattrick are inventing more ways to confuse the living daylights out of new users. The ever watchful veterans of the game look for new users like sheep for the wolves. Veterans as well have to adjust to Hattrick?s changing economy, new features, and quickly adapting teams. They adjust most often at the expense of new members. So it is a rite of passage as we stumble through the twists and turns of learning this vast game. So it is those very twist and turns that make all of us guess at what is best for our team.

Hottrick staff - continued

I'm really glad so many of you want to participate. With so many applications, we need to organize a bit. From now on, we're looking for writers and PHP programmers only.
After a brief discussion Loyal decided to take the responsibility of editor-in-chief. If you want to write articles, please contact him directly at (edit 20.02.2007 - email address stipped). All programmers please contact me at (edit 20.02.2007 - email address stipped).

Join hottrick staff!

It's been almost two weeks since hottrick has been launched. Thousands of hattrickers (approximately 15k) have visited us and it shows a great potential for this site. But there's a lot of work needed to run this place and I can't do everything by myself. So far SzamanGniewko, kostra, Bogus, kOsToR, 666kajet, and Szajbus helped me a lot. We're looking for more people who would like to bring more content to the site and make sure everything works fine and thousands of fellow hattrickers can enjoy!

The first hottrick tool published!

Our first tool measures keeper's goaltending skill based on his value and form. Very good for those who train keepers, want to buy one or want to spy their league rivals ;). Formula is quite accurate, all hattrick languages and currencies are supported. Is your keeper a high or low excellent? Now it takes only few seconds to make sure!

Was the result good for your keepers? Please vote in our poll and write on our forum (in this thread) (edit 20.02.2007 - link removed).
Many thanks to all people that helped kostra and me.

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