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in our brand new Silly Contest! All you need to do is spot a contest banner which appears sometimes instead of regular banners on the site. Click on it and you will be given a point. Everybody has a chance to win, not only the person with the biggest number of points. Prizes will be drawn at the end of each month (March 31 is the first drawing date). Read more about it on the Silly Contest page (edit 21.02.2007 - link removed).

New Chapter of Platypus Guide - Psychology

New chapter of Platypus Guide has been published a second ago. This time you'll read about hattrick psychology. I described and gave specific tips on such issues, as team spirit, confidence, match attitude (PiC/normal/MotS), related player intristics (agreebility, honesty, aggressivity & leadership), team leader, coach and captain.
"Psychology" chapter is here(edit 21.02.2007 - link removed).

Have a great youth pull tonight!

Incoming: a dumb contest with supporter as a prize! Should take one or few days to prepare. Stay tuned.

Platypus Guide Translations

In the past few weeks several nice people have offered to translate Platypus Guide to their native language. I had to prepare a bit for it and I guess I'm ready now. Please read this article if you feel you'd like to share your time and language skills with those who would like to read PG in some other language than English.

EDIT (09.03) - list of translators updated.

Few thoughts on the topic:


I'm going skiing in the morning and won't be back till sunday... please keep that in mind when waiting for e-mails to be answered. New chapter of Platypus Guide is almost finished... should be published next week.

WC Stats Group Round 1 Week 2

World Cup doesn't go all the way as everyone has expected. What do we have now? France, Poland, Brasil and Austria are definitely out. Group 3 (Scotland, Denmark, England, Holland... almost like neighbors :) ) is the most exciting - everyone has a chance of qualifying to the group stage 2.
4th edition of Thorinho's World Cup statistic has just been published on hottrick. Sorry for this delay, my i-net connection was down since friday night. In my country hattrick servers problems ain't the most important :/


Sverige - France 5 - 0
Suomi - Norge 2 - 2
Canada - Brasil 1 - 0

WC Group Round 1 Week 1 Statistics

Have you taken a look at Sweden-Norway game? Looks sooo neat. Norway playing 3-4-3 AIM (with no wingers, of course), Sweden pumping up central defense. Result? Norway scored 2 on the right wing (their weakest attack) and managed to tie against the giant. By the way: all four goals were shot from right-winged actions :). Welcome to the weird world of hattrick.
Another portion of Thorinho's WC statistics is ready for you to consume and digest. I don't want to know what happens with them afterwards.


Sverige - Norge 2 - 2
Suomi - France 2 - 0
Canada - Polska 2 - 0

WC Round 2 Statistics by Thorinho

Surprisingly there were no big surprises ( :P ) last night. France was the only team that had worse ranking before the game and won. In the remaining 7 matches better teams lost only 2 goalds altogether. Just like last week Thorinho made cool statistics. This time I edited them a bit.

Norge - Malaysia 3 - 0
Polska - Türkiye 2 - 1
Danmark - South Africa 1 - 0
México - Indonesia 2 - 1
Österreich - Ireland 4 - 0
Scotland - China 2 - 0
Magyarország - France 1 - 2
Brasil - Rossiya 3 - 0

Average Ratings

01.Danmark - 19.22 (18.33)

Fun, Fun, Fun

Two new flash games added. Grandpa Asteroids and slicks-like (that's how my friends and I call that kind of games) Racer. See if you can beat others' high scores!

I was wondering... since most of our games are made by one person, maybe we could gather a list of desired changes (every game could be tweaked a bit, they're not perfect) and mail it to him? Post your proposition as comments to this article.

Platypus Guide expanded

When is it good to have a winger towards middle with "head" specialty? Who's going to use "unpredictable" specialty in good or bad way more often? Are "quick" defenders desirable employees? Read the newest chapter of Platypus Guide if you don't know the answers! All hattrick players should know them...

Here (edit 20.02.2007 - link removed) is the text (if you can't find it in the menu...).

Link Generator Updated

I've just notice there's one more IP ( that you could be logged into on hattrick. Our "linker" tool now generates links to that server, too. I don't know if it's new or if I somehow missed it before... doesn't matter :)

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