We have lost a friend :-(

Beloved team member, Rafał Piłat (Pilatovic was his Hattrick nick) passed away several days ago at the age of 20. He's always been giving his heart to whoever asked for help. The heart that die so early. Many people were and are grateful for his achievements in Hattrick and Championship Manager world. We have decided to do little, symbollic things in rememberance of Rafał. All of us support his team, GoodFellas CF and place his logo (edit 21.02.2007 - link removed) instead of our own our players will wear black outfits for tomorrow's game. Please, do the same.

Keeper-Tool Updated. Keep on saving money!

I was astonished yesterday, when I noticed that it's been used 1,2 million times in the past 6 months! Kostra and I have made several changes:
1. It's HT 6.6 compatible (currencies obsolete, now you enter TSI).
2. All 23 hattrick languages supported.
3. Slightly improved formula (not a big change, though).

Keep on using it, whenever you buy a keeper or want to check your goales after training occurs.

Silly Contest: Forest_Andy wins Hattrick Poli license. Congratulations!

Dutch and Hungarian translations

Nice addition for all Dutch or Hungarian hattrickers who either can't read English or think that my English stinks. Many, many thanks to BocaNL (Boca Juniores (148945)), Tha_reaper (Tha Lionz (146491)) (Dutch translators) and wicktroll, Troll Fc (157377). Please spam their guestbooks and contact them if you find that there's something wrong. Now's the time for some Heineken and goulash.

Silly Contest: alek wins hattrick supporter with 119 (I think, too lazy to check again) clicks. Scores are being reset.

Silly me

Sorry for this delay, guys. The winner of this edition is eddie123456. I guess that's a reward for having to type so many characters when logging in... . I hope I'll come back to working on hottrick soon... there's just sooo many things to be done lately, I don't even want to make any predictions :/

A little update

1. First of all, I've drawn the next prize... and the winner is vlteam, who will enjoy his supporter as soon as he hands me his team's ID :)

2. Sorry there haven't been major updates lately... been a bit lazy lately. The good thing is I watched dozens of epizodes of The Simpsons.

3rd edition of Silly Contest...

Finally, the "best" one got the prize... the person who decided to devote spring '04 to the search of silly banners... ladies and gentlemen, Blade_RO! Shiny HTPoli license and a bucket of cauliflowers are now being processed by our mail department.

Hattrick Supporter will come in the next 15 days...

Hattrick Supporter given away

My girlfriend Kasia has just drawn Silly Contest's prize. The winner is sporkman, who had 34 Silly points. Prizes for April are exactly the same: Hattrick Poli (April 15) and Hattrick Supporter (April 30). Stay tuned and search for your lucky banners.

HT Bookmarks tool added

Short story instead of a preface. It was saturday, over a year ago (I think). I hit upon an idea to create a html-based tool where people could insert bookmarks to their favorite teams. It was rather template (easily editable, I even wrote a manual). I made it overnight, called it "MyBuddies", uploaded to a web server and published on global conferences. When I woke up on Sunday, I've seen news on hattrick - they implemented bookmarks for supporters! Coincidence? Probably, but I like the thought that I was first :).

And the winner is...

My girlfriend Kasia has just drawn the very first hottrick.org prize! The winner is tobit (Ratlerki (263017)), one of Silly Contest's participants (btw... this lucky bastard had only 5 clicks :) ). And the prize is brand new and shiny HTPoli full license.
Quick note: we've discussed the contest on forums and decided that banners should appear less frequently. They will, from now on. Next draw: March, 31, the winner will get a Hattrick Supporter. I've just deleted all current points... have fun!

Road to financial stability

As almost new player in Hattrick (I just finished my first full season) I have already read about one million +1 stories about how to make the best team in the (Hattrick) world. Sounds familiar, huh? At one moment you have to stop reading and take some action. I decided to start training players after reading Jerzy?s Platypus Guide. This article will tell you how I reformed my team, what the results are and what I learned from it. I hope it will help all starting trainers to start earning money in a fun and efficient way.

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