Finally the new online newspaper for the top leagues in hattrick is released. After a long and hard working process the magazine is accessible for the vast public and we are proud to supply you with high quality information on the best leagues of the biggest countries.

But what is HT-Star?
HT-Star is the best German speaking newspaper for the best leagues in hattrick.

Review of

Hattrick joined a noble group of online games (Counter-Strike, Warcraft 3 and FIFA 2004, to name few of them) supported by betOG.

For a start, betOG will feature all 180 matches from top two league levels of nine European countries (Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, England, Austria, Germany, Finland and Norway). That's 180 matches each week! Cup games and matches of national teams are not being covered yet. Betting goes on two levels: real and play money (every new registered user receives 200 euros to try it out and have a safe fun).

Silly Contest Last Edition - Resolved

My head bleeds... I hit it against the wall cause I just found out that I totally forgot about Silly Contest. Silvere wins a supporter (please contact me via ht-mail). I guess there's no point in drawing a HT-Poli license... it went freeware some time ago and Goran doesn't reply to my "generate a license for xxxxx" messages :/

It's the last edition, it causes me to feel stupid every time I forget to draw winners.

Forum broken

I've just noticed that you guys can't post on the forum (it's still readable)... most likely database is corrupted. I'll work on this problem tonight, hopefully you'll see it working soon.

BTW... I moved the site to a new, bigger and better server last week. Everything seemes to run smoothly (apart from the forum thingy, but it's not related), but if you see any problems, please drop me a message.

New tool - Friendly Agent

It's been a while since the last real update. But I've gotten some spare time to finish a tool that I really wanted to make for a long time.

Here it goes: Friendly Agent is a tool that lets people arrange friendly games. It's as simple as this: when you want to make an offer ("I'm free guys, play a friendly against me!"), you just go here, get your hattrick data (just type-in your ht login and password and wait 2 seconds) and click on "submit your offer". Then your offer is placed at the top of search results.


Guess who forgot to set line-up for both Polish Cup semi-finals? Excellent playmaker played instead of mythical one... in both games. Strangely, my opponent overestimated me and focused on winning our Ekstraklasa (Polish top division) :P.

I owe you an apology and silly contest prizes... so here they are:
Hattrick supporters go to Blade_RO and tony08 (latter had only one click :) ). Hattrick Poli licenses go to Jake and matux. Please contact me.

Again, I'm about to finish a nice tool... stay tuned!

Spanish translation of Platypus Guide

Platypus Guide has been translated to Spanish. Gandalf03 (UD Tierra Media, 120160) is the guy who has spent many hours on it (it's quite detailed, has many pages on the most crucial Hattrick issues). Please read it and sign Gandalf's guestbook, he surely deserves it :)

Polish translation of the Platypus Guide

Thanks to maniana and Mortim for this one... you can find it here (edit 21.02.2007 - link removed) (or simply click on the flag image in the "Platypus Guide" block.

Silly Contest

Hawkwing wins hattrick supporter, please send me your team ID. I have to run now, will edit this message later.

OK, it is "later" now. I have resetted the database few minutes ago, so all clicks from the past 12 hours are gone. Sorry for that.

I'm leaving for the weekend (Massive Attack concert) and probably won't be able to answer any messages.

Keeper Tool modified.

This is a minor change (although Kostra had to modify a lot of code). Skills are represented intuitively now, so disastrous is anything from 1 to 1.99, wretched is anything from 2 to 2.99, etc. It's just numerical representation of skills, everything else stays the same.

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