Create your own Team Blog!

Quite a few new features are being in production. I'd like to show you the first one - team blogs. The idea is simple and I almost feel stupid describing it :). You write some fun stuff that's going on in your club and let your buddies and thousands of hottrick visitors read, rate and make comments.

Go ahead and write something. Your star player is in a weak form? Match of the season coming up? Be creative! Make up a story around your team and ask your friends to read it. There's nothing like getting into the role :)

Also, once you click on "My Account" and then on "Edit", you can create an alias - your very own address withing hottrick. For example if you enter pink-pyjamas, the address of your blog will be (easier to remember than, right?).

My team's blog is @ - please write some comments! Also, before I managed to write this announcement, echti wrote the first post :)

Have fun!

Also, I'll offer a friendly game to the owner of the coolest post... hurry up, I'm going to be in the first league only few more weeks!

I'm slowly polishing things - for example I'll add a "about team" block on your blogs... if you download your hattrick data, visitors will see your team name, country, league and stuff like that. I'll keep you posted.