The Dumb Contest - Who's The Winner?

Doh! I didn't expect I will get that many ht-mails... over 900! It took me 7 hours to reply to them and write down the best results. 276 entries had 99% results - congratulations!

Now a bit about what you've been waiting for - the winner. I have written a little (and stupid!) program that does that thing based on... my tomorrow's match report :D. The point is to make sure that it's fair - everybody can run the program and see the winner himself. Read the whole story if you'd like to see how it's done. Otherwise, drop by in several hours to see the winner (it's way after 5 a.m., I need to get some sleep).

First, the pool. I wrote down all valid entries with 99%. I skipped all invalid entries (when someone didn't write team id's or the score - sorry, the rules were clear). I didn't reply to 20 or 30 of those 900 ht-mails, because my connection went dead (I'm at my parents' house at the moment and their ISP kinda sucks). I may have lost one or two 99% results - please accept my deep apologies if that happened to you... I'm just a human being, prone to errors :).

Now, the program. Follow the steps:
1. When my today's game is over (10:45 HT-time) log in to Hattrick and find my today's game (kOsToR YellonkY - Dziobaki, MatchID: 52881743. Kostor is a coolest guy in Hattrick, by the way :) ).
2. Find the last sentence BEFORE the 2nd half's possession is stated.
3. From that sentence, find the last two words that:
a) have no non-English characters.
b) have at least 5 characters.
4. Go to Love Calculator and enter those two words. Remember the result.
5. Install python. Linux users usually have it installed out of the box. Windows users have to download it and install themselves. Yet another reason to switch to Linux, aye?
6. Download dumb contest program and extract it to some directory. Zip file contains the program and the list with winners - dumb.txt.
7. Open console (or Dos Prompt), go into the directory where you unpacked dumb files and type "c:\python24\python" under windows or simply "python" under linux.
8. Enter the result from Love Calculator when the program will ask you to do it.
9. Watch as it draws the winner.

I'll check if the winner is all right. If there's something wrong with it (for example it's not 99%), I'll remove that line from dumb.txt and repeat the process.

How does it work? It takes that number from Love Calculator, multiplies it by 100 and loops through all numbers from 1 to the result of love_number * 100. With every number it skips to the next line of dumb.txt. After the last line it starts from the begining... the winner is the person who submitted the last result.

Let's go with an example - my last match was with driazz (MatchID: 52881739). The last sentence before the possession is stated goes like this: "By now Paszczaki were drawing the troops back in order to defend their lead." Two last minimum 5-letter words are "defend" and "their". Let's put them in Love Calculator. Result is 32. I fired the program, entered 32 and waited for the winner... the 3200th line was entry #164 - Waloncito F.C. (688254), ARU boys (269194), 99%.

OK, I guess I'll get up in the afternoon, I'll draw the prize then. If someone can do the trick before me, please post the result in the comment to this article (I'll validate it later).

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