The Dumb Contest - win a supporter!

I like stupid stuff. Some time ago I held a "Silly Contest" here at hottrick. Several hundreds of people participated, so I guess people like stupid stuff, too. It's been a while since then, so I guess we might do something stupid again.

At first a bit of a background:
Some time ago I came up with an idea to make the lamest, the most stupid website I've ever seen. Something that would look stupid and would do stupid stuff. I started with a lame symbol - big, ping, cheezy heart. Kinda "I love you" thingy all over your screen. Then I needed some task to be handled by my magical website. Love calculator bumped at me immediately. So I coded some rules converting names provided by users into the "love" compatibility. So stupid it's cool, eh?

The contest:
Go to my Love Calculator and find a team that matches yours. Enter your team's name as Your Name and try some other (existing in Hattrick!) teams' names as His/Her Name. Look for the best result and send it to me (Dziobaki (32295), Polish Ekstraklasa) via ht-mail (type in "dumb contest" as the title). Provide me with both teams' names and their IDs and a result in the body of the message. One of these teams has to be yours!

Example: Dziobaki (32295), FC Sanok (78761), 73%.

I'll draw a supporter among the best results two weeks from now, during my sunday's game (or a bit later, in case I oversleep).

Oh, and in case you have a website, I'd be really thankful if you could post a link to that site. After all, I want it to be a Popular, Stupid Website ;). That's the HTML code that needs to be entered:
Love Calculator

edit: wow, it's been less than 24 hours and I have received ~400 submissions already. I dug through ~100 of them and already have a few 99% entries. So please don't send me results below it, as I'm a guy who thinks it's kind to reply to every mail (apart from "buy my player" or "I haven't read the rules, but please answer my very basic question").