Hattrick in Polish television.

Last sunday, Teleexpress (the oldest Polish news broadcast) had 20 seconds long spot about Hattrick. It's short and not very informative, but I guess some of you would like to view it anyway :)

Translation (probably not the best one ;) ) -- "Football team "Dziobaki" (my team! /jerzy) defended the virtual Champions of Poland title. Over 25000 Poles act as managers of football teams. The game called Hattrick was invented by a few Swedes, who played virtual matches at work. They came up with rules and wrote a program that simulates games. Over 600000 people from 96 countries play the game." Not 100% accurate, aye?

I have prepared some download locations for you.

1. The whole broadcast (15 minutes, 18,5MB, very bad quality).
a. TVP server

2. Just the hattrick part (20 seconds, 4,3MB, much better quality). Thanks Kubryk for that one.
a. ht-teleexpress.avi.torrent - torrent file, please keep seeding!
b. Hattrick in Polish television. - whole file over http, but the download might be slow (free file service, not very comfortable).

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