Finally the new online newspaper for the top leagues in hattrick is released. After a long and hard working process the magazine is accessible for the vast public and we are proud to supply you with high quality information on the best leagues of the biggest countries.

But what is HT-Star?
HT-Star is the best German speaking newspaper for the best leagues in hattrick.

We inform you about happenings in the first leagues of the biggest countries in hattrick, namely Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, and Argentina and about the German speaking leagues Austria and the 4 German second leagues. Besides, we feature a different league every week, which we are going to present to our readers. You can expect weekly informative news about history, teams, statistics, transfers, analysis, outlooks and everyday life in the leagues. Besides there will be interviews, insider information, or just some nice little stories.

In these times, where many managers are dreaming of reaching a top league, but are not able to identify with their own “élite”, our goal with this paper is to make those top leagues more transparent and interesting so that managers can not only identify with their national squad but also with their first league.

Also our free agents will sometimes release interesting articles about hattrick-related topics and specialties to bring hattrick managers and those who want to be closer to the game and to show more facets of the game.

But enough of the introducing words, have fun reading through the page, visit us, inform yourself, come back often, and finally: recommend us!


the editors