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Hattrick joined a noble group of online games (Counter-Strike, Warcraft 3 and FIFA 2004, to name few of them) supported by betOG.

For a start, betOG will feature all 180 matches from top two league levels of nine European countries (Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, England, Austria, Germany, Finland and Norway). That's 180 matches each week! Cup games and matches of national teams are not being covered yet. Betting goes on two levels: real and play money (every new registered user receives 200 euros to try it out and have a safe fun).

I signed up couple of days before week 1 of Hattrick season starts to see how it looks like from within and I was astonished right away. A pure, simple way of establishing quotes. They're not static as in traditional betting services. Instead, quotes depend on how much money people have bet on each team. So for example if Dziobaki played against EM Tigers (and IF I was playing in Sweden :P) and the total of bets on EM Tigers was 100 euros and only 50 for Dziobaki, every Euro invested in Tigers would give you 50 cents (minus very low cut for betOG, which is 10% of what losing people bet, so you'd get 45 cents). I just love this idea! It's fun, democratic and it makes things much more interesting in general. Just imagine placing a bet on Wednesday and checking the quotes everyday to see how bets and quotes are fluctuating. Reminds me of stock exchange :). Plus, there are no secrets and I guess no way that a betting company can mess with quotes...

To sum up, the whole thing looks very promising, I'm definitely going to give it a shot and I hope many of you guys will join. If there are enough people willing to jump into it, I'll create a special section on hottrick forums where we could discuss every round. Oh... here is a link to hattrick section at betOG.

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