New tool - Friendly Agent

It's been a while since the last real update. But I've gotten some spare time to finish a tool that I really wanted to make for a long time.

Here it goes: Friendly Agent is a tool that lets people arrange friendly games. It's as simple as this: when you want to make an offer ("I'm free guys, play a friendly against me!"), you just go here, get your hattrick data (just type-in your ht login and password and wait 2 seconds) and click on "submit your offer". Then your offer is placed at the top of search results.

If you want to browse through other people's offers, then just go here and click on search or specify what you're looking for (let's say you only want offers from teams that have supporters' mood over content). Then you'll see all offers that match your criteria and you're one click away from visiting their page on hattrick site and inviting them for a game. Quick and painless!

I've just finished it and it's the biggest script I ever wrote, so I'm kinda affraid that I overlooked some bugs... please test it and message me if you find any.

Have fun,

P.S. Ehhh... 25 people made offers within the first 2 hours (which is nice, considering I published it at 4 AM HT Time :) ) and didn't get any bug reports... and found two minor bugs myself during that time. Both corrected.

edit 21.02.2007 - links removed