Keeper Tool

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This tool lets you evaluate keeper's skill based on his value (TSI) and form. Usage is very simple and I won't write a manual (unless people start asking questions). Current formula is surprisingly accurate, with few exceptions:
  • oldboys (30 and over) lose their value. The tool is useless for them. Maybe some day I'll calculate this.
  • other skills (especially passing, playmaking, defending, winger and scoring) also influence value. The formula is accurate because most of keepers have those skills at a very low level. I have taken it under consideration and assumed that an average keeper has few skills at wretched level. But some players have those skills at higher level - our tool will overestimate their skill a bit. On the other hand, some players have all skills at disastrous level and their skill will be underestimated. Fortunately, these situations not common.
  • results are inaccurate for low form levels (disastrous/wretched)... I need a fresh mind and a lot of free time to play with it... and it doesn't look like it will be done in a near future.
How to earn money with this tool? You could buy some just-before-the-skill-increase goalies after they have played in a friendly game, but before training... if you'll do it right (and if you're a bit lucky), then they'll jump to the next level on thursday/friday... I know people that used to be in this business, and they did it with success! Money, money, money... hmmm... weren't we supposed to play football? ;)

Engine is written by kostra. Data gathering, analysis and formula by jerzy. Szajbus has written a tool that helped me verify the formula. Thanks to babcia, Aphro, frutak, Kiwny, przemo, anakonda, Szajbus, troyek and tkurkiew for data.
Formula version: 0.02 (15.06.2004, minor changes)
Engine version: 1.3

divine (20-...)
utopian (19-20)
magical (18-19)
mythical (17-18)
extra-terrestrial (16-17)
titanic (15-16)
supernatural (14-15)
world class (13-14)
magnificent (12-13)
brilliant (11-12)
outstanding (10-11)
formidable (9-10)
excellent (8-9)
solid (7-8)
passable (6-7)
inadequate (5-6)
weak (4-5)
poor (3-4)
wretched (2-3)
disastrous (1-2)