Team Blogs - tiny additions

Over the last few days I worked on making the whole Team Blogs idea more usable. I wrote several blocks that are sensitive to the content you're viewing. The bottom block on the right contains links to pages that list recent blog posts in any given language. If you're viewing such page or a post in a specific language, you can see a block with top rated posts in that language (English is default and appears on pages that don't have a language specified). Also, at the very top is a block with links to recent comments to your blog posts (if there are any...).

Also, I re-allowed anonymous users to post comments. Hopefully a new spam filter will work as expected (I dissalowed anon comments purely because of spam some time ago).

Happy blogging, everyone!

Hattrick Details block

I have implemented a tiny new feature. If you have downloaded your hattrick data, people will see your hattrick details (such as team name) while reading your team blog.

Next module is half way through. You will be awarded points for writing blog posts and doing other things (such as participating in a little hattrick-related game, coming later). You will be able to spend those points on advertising your players. Each day an auction will be held. You will bid those points and top 10 offerees will have their players' ads displayed on hottrick for the whole next day. We have around 30,000 impressions per week, so it should be helpful in finding buyers for your players :)

Quality of blog posts will count - the higher rating and number of comments, the more points you'll get. Also, you'll get points even for posts that you're writing right now.

Create your own Team Blog!

Quite a few new features are being in production. I'd like to show you the first one - team blogs. The idea is simple and I almost feel stupid describing it :). You write some fun stuff that's going on in your club and let your buddies and thousands of hottrick visitors read, rate and make comments.

Go ahead and write something. Your star player is in a weak form? Match of the season coming up? Be creative! Make up a story around your team and ask your friends to read it. There's nothing like getting into the role :)

Also, once you click on "My Account" and then on "Edit", you can create an alias - your very own address withing hottrick. For example if you enter pink-pyjamas, the address of your blog will be (easier to remember than, right?).

My team's blog is @ - please write some comments! Also, before I managed to write this announcement, echti wrote the first post :)

Have fun!

Also, I'll offer a friendly game to the owner of the coolest post... hurry up, I'm going to be in the first league only few more weeks!

Platypus Guide Up Again

As promised, I've just added Platypus Guide. Only English and Dutch versions for now, I'll add the rest soon. Enjoy!

bug fixes

Thanks everyone for posting bug reports. I had some spare time today and managed to fix two of them:
1. Bug with an apostrophe (') in press announcement while downloading data from Hattrick. Fixed.
2. Bug in the same module - when people have never posted a press announcement. Fixed, but I can't check if it works all right. If you've never posted a PA in hattrick, please try it out and write a comment to this news item (it works/it doesn't work).

Also, a small improvement has been made to Friendlies Search Engine. Clicking on team name will bring you directly to that team's link page.

Fresh Start

Welcome to the new (but sadly not finished yet) version of Hottrick! For a number of reasons (chill down, I'm not going to elaborate :) ) I made a double switch - we're on a brand new, dedicated server (no more stinking shared accounts) and on a new CMS (framework that this site is built on). It means much more possibilities for Hottrick to expand - not only I have more resources, but software architecture is more modern and allows me to write new tools with pleasure (it was ugly and painful before). But I didn't manage to finish everything before my old account expired - so for some time you guys have to live without some of Hottrick features. Let's go quickly throught the whole list:
  • Hattrick Keeper Tool - it's here, only slightly rewritten.
  • Your Hattrick Data (downloads your data from Hattrick servers) - completely rewritten, gets slightly more data for future use.
  • Hattrick Bookmarks - require a complete rewrite, partly done already. Will be published in the near future
  • Friendlies Search Engine - completely rewritten. Some more functionality (and some more coming in the future). Please publish your own offer unless you already know who you want to play next week's friendly with.
  • Hattrick Link Generator - completely rewritten and integrated tightly with other modules. Not only you can generate links to hattrick documents (such as your player for sale), but there's also more cross-site possibilities - for example creating links to a team page for every user you click on. If you want to see it in action, click on my nick and then on my team's name. From now on, if you'll visit any user's page, you will see his basic hattrick info (hattrick nic, team name, league and country) and you'll be able to easily visit his team's page on Hattrick servers (it requires that user do dowload data from hattrick at least once).
  • Forums - hopefully coming back soon (a bit complicated story...).
  • Platypus Guide - backed up, now I need few hours to re-enter all chapters in all languages
  • Hattrick Web Directory - it will be down for quite some time - it requires a quite big module to be written, I'm not planning to do it in the near future
  • Userbase (your accounts) - almost all of them are moved. I had to delete 3 accounts, which is not bad considering there were 19775 alltogether
I started re-writing hottrick around 3 weeks ago knowing, that my old account expires March 7th... the time is up and I'm not completely ready. Not only I didn't finish re-doing all tools and moving the content, but I didn't even start playing with site's desing (that's why it looks a bit... hmmm... let's not be affraid - ugly). Please be patient and test hottrick's tools! Post a comment to this article if there's anything you'd like to say about the whole mess :)

EDIT: there was a "little" problem with new registrations. It's fixed now.

We Have a Winner

The magic words are: "saving" and "fingernail". They give a result of 84. Magical spits out this line as the winning entry:
Elders (181130), Real yugani (699849), 99%.
Congratulations to kon_stefan, the Romanian manager of Elders. BTW... "kon stefan" would mean "Steve the Horse" in Polish :).

The Dumb Contest - Who's The Winner?

Doh! I didn't expect I will get that many ht-mails... over 900! It took me 7 hours to reply to them and write down the best results. 276 entries had 99% results - congratulations!

The Dumb Contest - win a supporter!

I like stupid stuff. Some time ago I held a "Silly Contest" here at hottrick. Several hundreds of people participated, so I guess people like stupid stuff, too. It's been a while since then, so I guess we might do something stupid again.

At first a bit of a background:

Hattrick in Polish television.

Last sunday, Teleexpress (the oldest Polish news broadcast) had 20 seconds long spot about Hattrick. It's short and not very informative, but I guess some of you would like to view it anyway :)

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